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The Left-Handed Mug Conundrum

I’m ambidextrous…ish. Ambidextrish.

I can write with my left hand when I need to, but it does look a tiny bit messier. I’ve gotten better because I went through a phase in middle school in which I “trained” myself to write lefty.

I eat with the wrong hand, drink with the wrong hand, and type on my phone just as well with either.

However, two nights ago I was drinking out of a new mug that I bought, and realized the design was only visible to others if I was holding it rightie.

As a strict left-handed mug-holder, this was horrifying to me; why would I buy a sitcom related mug if I didn’t want it to be a conversation starter? For my own fun and enjoyment??? pfft. To have as an interesting tchotchke??? pfft. I wanted to share the joy of this mug with those around me.

So, I set off googling.

As expected, these results were largely inconclusive. I thought back to a discussion I had about wrist tattoos- whether the wearer should be able to read it with ease, or if it was for the consumption of the public. Needless to say, I was very pro “tattoos are for the haver”. This was no different from the matter at hand.

Even with this thought, my problems were still unresolved. I am of the firm belief that mug equality can and will exist one day.

I took to twitter.

The poll got passed around for a while. I saw that I was in a minority, but not the smallest minority by a longshot.

In this sample, righty-righties won out with a final total of 69%, nice, with 40% of lefty voters pushing the “Right-handed mug-handlers” total up to 73% of respondents.

So, in total, 27% of human beings on this planet still find difficulty when holding a mug with a one-sided design.

This hurts me. The ease with which a mug could be designed double-sided, yet isn’t, hurts me. All that I want is justice. Justice and accommodation for me, and my near 30% of brethren.

But until justice is here, and justice is now, buying a mug will truly be a Wild Card.

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